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If you have pain you need to see Nancy. She’s unlike any other healing professional. Nancy helped me by teaching me some pain relief poses and oh my gosh, it’s incredible! After 5 years of pain, Nancy has me up and better than before. Not only is she moving me in a pain free way, but it feels like she’s really communicating with my body. There are things I’ve learned about my body that I never would have even guessed and not even my primary doctors could figure out! Nancy is so kind and comforting, she not only knows how to help heal you but she knows how to talk to you while you’re in pain or traumatized from a major accident. She’s so intuitive with the body after years of learning, she has almost a miracle knowledge that has helped heal me more than any other person. I still can’t believe we have a gem like Nancy in our little Hollister. I would travel up and down the coast to find her if I had to. She’s incredible. Go see her, and be open minded to a life that’s finally pain free. I did myself this favor and I thank God for each session.

Massiel Valenzuele

Nancy is truly gifted in understanding the sources of pain, and the body mechanics involved in correcting it. Before I moved out of the area, I visited the Wellness Clinic regularly to keep my head, neck and back pain-free. I highly recommend her new pain erasure classes!

Sylvia Knittel

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I came to The Wellness Clinic with terrible joint and muscle pain that decreased my range of motion dramatically. I had become reliant on the use of a cane.  I had already done extensive amounts of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and tried several different prescription medications, but my condition never improved.

I had come to accept my doctor’s opinion that my condition is permanent and not likely to change.  His efforts on my behalf were now focused toward pain relief and quality of life within the limitations of my condition.

As a new resident of Hollister, I contacted Nancy McDowell at The Wellness Clinic for Massage Therapy services.  My pain was persistent and intense. I was only hoping for a temporary distraction from my pain.

At our first session, Nancy incorporated techniques demonstrating to me that she has a special skill.  With an above average knowledge of anatomy and understanding of referred pain, she was able to identify and isolate the precise areas of trauma.  Instead of the traditional “feel good” massage, her ability to place affected muscles in a position of ease resulted in lasting relief from pain as the various muscles that had held a fixed painful position for so long, began to release.

I decided to return for a few more sessions because of the dramatic improvements to my range of motion and decrease in my pain level.   I had believed that my pain and immobility was as good as it was going to be.  I am so glad that I was wrong.  I no longer need a cane and enjoy long walks without pain.  I am immensely grateful to have access to such a talented and compassionate caregiver.

Lori Conner

I found Nancy when I was in need of some serious help. I was looking for a body worker that knew specific osteopathic based therapies, and though it meant driving to Hollister from Watsonville, it would be worth the trip.

Having been in six car accidents close to one another, my body has been, well, let’s just say … very challenged.

I have benefitted from her training in osteopathic pain techniques. She can relax and realign my whole body and it feels wonderful!!!  I have always left her office pain free …. That’s a claim I cannot make with other practitioners I have seen.

Nancy’s essential oils are also amazing. I was sick once and she used her oils on my spine, I have been a believer ever since.

I recommend Nancy and the Wellness Clinic. It’s the only place I go ….


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