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Electrolysis - Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal at the Hollister Wellness Clinic

So what has happened to your face?

Facial hair all starts its life as…

…soft peach fuzz.

Those peach fuzz hairs were fed by oil from the sebaceous oil gland. However, when the hormones change in the body, those hormones will select areas to change the hair’s food supply.

The hair’s food supply changed! (As your hormones change… so does the hair!)

The hair, once fed by oil, now is fed by a blood supply and over time becomes

  • bigger
  • fatter
  • longer
  • thicker

…and for us girls…

less wanted!

Once hormones change, a piece of tissue, something like a uterus, grows inside the skin’s follicle. We say “uterus” because this tissue gives birth to and then feeds the hair.

It is called…

…a Papilla.

This new tissue begins a feeding process, and the new food will grow the once-light hair into a thick and unwelcome guest!


How does permanent hair removal by electrolysis work?

Electrolysis removes this uterus-like tissue (yes, it is something like a tiny hysterectomy!) It is “permanent” hair removal. The follicle is treated and left sterile (unable to grow unwanted hair)!

How does it feel? How long will it take? These questions can only be answered in the very first treatment.

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Electrolysis is FDA approved.

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